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Luxyvet Laser veterinario per terapia e chirurgia

LUXYVET is a brand of Swiss & Wegman srl, a renowned company that has been operating since 2009 in the medical sector and, in particular, in the diode laser field.

The headquarters are located in Italy, more precisely in Padua, but exports its products to over 10 countries. The continuous updating and the high dedication to the verification and clinical validation of the protocols proposed in the products are the strengths of the activity.

To guarantee reliability and safety, we design and manufacture the products entirely in Italy in accordance with the European directives on medical devices and we are certified, UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 for all processes.

Several years of experience have allowed us to design and manufacture leading and cutting-edge products for the Veterinary World, i.e.: Hyserpen VET, DG-8 VET and THERASURGIVET; diode lasers are ideal for surgery and for many therapy treatments, which guarantee optimal results with minimal invasivity for the animal.


Luxyvet has created diode lasers whose usage turns out to be particularly simple and precise, to allow professionals to treat animals of all sizes with suitable powers and parameters. There are many pre-set and selected protocols for the products, to ensure safety and speed on various treatments.

Luxyvet Laser veterinario per terapia e chirurgia
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  • we offer quality products;
  • we support professionals through courses training and assistance;
  • we offer practical and easily transportable products;
    we design products with your needs in mind;
  • we are quick to respond to requests.

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