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The portable laser is a specific medical instrument for the veterinary world that brings different advantages.

This diode laser is a non-invasive device, painless and of easy use for all kinds of animals. Thanks to the healing properties of the laser, it is possible to carry out therapeutic treatments in various fields of veterinary medicine, such as surgery, biostimulation, traumatology, physiotherapy, dermatology and dental care.

Additionally, the portable laser is designed to be easily carried anywhere.

This means that the vet has the possibility of carrying out treatments at home, improving the services and the quality of care for the various animals.

Thanks to its easily transportable structure, the lightness and ease of use, the portable laser represents an innovative and practical solution for professionals in the sector.


The HYSERPEN VET portable laser has a very high quality beam that allows you to work on any type of animal. Furthermore, it allows you to operate on 25 predefined protocols, to guarantee: security, speed and ease of use. It is an ideal tool to be carried conveniently.


The THERSURGIVET diode laser is widely used for laser therapy, being a particularly handy and versatile tool. It adapts well to the treatment of any animal species and to the management of different pathologies.

In addition, it is designed for easy and convenient use, which can also be used as a portable device.

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