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LUXYVET, a company specialized in diode lasers, offers various innovative, safe and precise devices, useful for laser surgery.
The veterinary surgical laser is a device that is widely used in different medical activities, carried out on a daily basis.

The use of this tool allows you to treat and resolve various pathologies through minimally invasive actions.
Furthermore, the application of the veterinary surgical laser allows to obtain many more advantages compared to traditional surgical methods.

Specifically, the laser cauterizes tissue as it cuts, reducing bleeding during surgery. This can reduce the risk of complications and improve and speed up post-operative healing.

It is also a device highly accurate, which allows surgeons to remove only the target tissue, without damaging the surrounding tissue. This can reduce post-operative pain and inflammation, speeding up the animal’s recovery

The diode laser in the veterinary field is used for a wide range of surgical procedures, including: removal of tumors, sterilization, removal of inflamed or damaged tissue, elimination of cysts, oral applications and much more.

Our company not only supplies surgical lasers, but also is focused on the training for the use of this safe and effective tool.
As with any surgical procedure there may be risks associated with it; each case must be evaluated individually by the veterinarian to determine the best treatment option for the animal.


The DG-8 VET therapeutic laser is a technological, innovative and highly performing device. Through its application it is possible to exploit an anti-inflammatory and decontaminating action, but also an analgesic and haemostatic capacity, which make it a useful tool for surgery and therapy.


The THERSURGIVET diode laser is widely used for laser therapy and laser surgery, being a particularly handy and versatile instrument. It adapts well to the treatment of any animal species and to the management of different pathologies.
In addition, it is designed for easy and convenient use, so that it can also be used as a portable device.

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