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THE LUXYVET proposes a therapeutic laser specific for the veterinary world, ideal for treating different pathologies in a non-invasive way.

This specific device takes advantage of the monochromatic laser light, coherent and highly focused for the treatment of the damaged or inflamed tissues on animals.

The light that is emitted by the therapeutic laser is absorbed by the tissue cells, stimulating the production of cellular energy, improving blood circulation and cellular metabolism. The goal is to lead to an increase in the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the tissues, so as to facilitate healing lesions and reduce inflammation.

The laser veterinary therapy and the use of a dedicated surgical laser, are particularly useful for treating a wide range of conditions, including: muscle and joint injuries, dermatological problems, nerve injuries, chronic pain and inflammation.

The laser treatment is not invasive and painless; it is often used in conjunction with other therapies to increase overall effectiveness.
The duration of laser therapy treatment can change and depends on the specific condition of the animal and the severity of the tissue damage.

In general, the use of therapeutic laser ensures effective and safe treatment for many health problems in pets and animals. However, as with any medical treatment, it is important to consult a qualified veterinarian before starting any form of laser therapy for your pet.


The DG-8 VET therapeutic laser is a technological, innovative and highly performing device. Through its application it is possible to exploit an anti-inflammatory and decontaminating action, but also an analgesic and haemostatic capacity, which make it a useful tool for surgery and therapy.


The HYSERPEN VET therapeutic laser has a very high quality beam that allows you to work on any type of animal. Furthermore, it allows you to operate on 25 predefined protocols, to guarantee: security, speed and ease of use. It is an ideal tool to be carried conveniently.


The THERSURGIVET diode laser is widely used for laser therapy and laser surgery, being a particularly handy and versatile instrument. It adapts well to the treatment of any animal species and to the management of different pathologies.
In addition, it is designed for easy and convenient use, so that it can also be used as a portable device.

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